Why I Started Hosting Megastore

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Find out exactly why I started Hosting Megastore and how it accidentally has saved tons of people money over the years.

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Hello out there! I just wanted to share with you why I started Hosting Megastore. I have been building websites since the mid 90s. As I’m writing this, I just realized that it’s been over 15 years! In internet years, that’s a lifetime!

Anyways, through the years, as I’ve been building websites for people (or myself), I’ve seen the costs slowly creeping up in the market. Yes, there’s a ton of competition, but I wanted to find a way to cut my own costs and my clients’ costs.

Introducing Hosting Megastore

Several years ago, I started Hosting Megastore so that I could keep the costs down for my clients. In fact, this site wasn’t originally intended to be a business, but just a way to help save myself and my clients money on the “cost of doing business” on the internet.

That said, I’ve noticed that many people have found this site (other than my clients) and have taken advantage of the low pricing. Why not? The more people I can help out, the better! I made the decision to continue to offer the low pricing for anyone to take advantage of. So come one, come all. I challenge you to find a hosting company out there with the level of products and customer service as inexpensive has Hosting Megastore.

To my existing clients, thank you. To my future clients, welcome!

About Scott Mazerall

Scott Mazerall has been building websites for almost twenty years. He created Hosting Megastore to ensure inexpensive products and free training. Learn from his experiences by taking advantage of this free blog he put together.
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