2 Simple Steps Towards Choosing a Niche

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Choosing a niche can be either hard or easy. The trick is knowing how to manage these two vital steps. This is the complete guide to finding your perfect niche.

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Choosing a niche for your website or blog may be one of the most important things that you do for your website or business. If you own a specific business that you’re looking to get onto the web, this isn’t a problem. If you’re looking to set up a blog or new business though, it’s really important that you put the proper time into coming up with the perfect niche. You’re going to be spending a lot of time on this site, so you need to make sure that you can commit for the long haul.

What Are the Two Steps in Choosing a Niche?

There are only two things that we need to do to find the perfect niche for your to build a website around.

  1. Make a list of potential ideas.
  2. Filter that list until one remains.

Choosing a Niche Starts With Your List

To get started, we are going to put together a list. Take the following ideas and use them to build a list of as many topics as you can think of. Don’t worry, this list can’t be too big.

Have Interest When Choosing a Niche

When choosing a niche, it’s really important that you’re interested inthe subject.You don’t want to build an amazing site nad get bored with it after a few months. It would be a waste of your time if you’re just going to quit on it after several months.

What are you passionate about? Make a list of topics that interest you and consider whether or not you can see yourself a couple years later still passionate about that subject.

Select Niche Markets That Can Show Off Your Expertise

You may also want to make a list of markets that you are an expert in. It’s a lot easier to write about a topic if you have plenty of knowledge around it.

You don’t have to be an expert, but you’ll spend considerably less time researching for articles that you write if you’re well informed on the subject.

Questions Around How to Find a Niche Market

Here are some good questions to help you find a good niche market. Use these questions to expand on your list before you start narrowing it down.

  • What kind of job do you have?
  • What are your favorite hobbies?
  • What TV shows do you enjoy?
  • Do you like reading? If so, what topics do you read about?
  • Do you enjoy and specific sports?
  • Where do your talents lie?
  • What do you find inspiring?
  • What types of products do you like or buy often?
  • Do you have any personal goals?
  • Where do you live?
  • Do you enjoy to travel? If so, where?
  • Do you enjoy specific types of games or video games?
  • Do the arts interest you?
  • Are you a health nut? What do you do about it?

I’m sure that you can think of other questions as well, but don’t be afraid to make your list too big. We will narrow them down later. The key here is to find something that you will enjoy writing about or sharing.

Filter Your Niche Down to One

Once you have put together a good list of ideas, we want to narrow that list down until we have that one perfect idea.

Remove Anything That You’re not Interested In

You may be surprised to find that there are some topics in your list that you just may not be interested in. Take a look at your list and remove anything that you’re not willing to commit to for the long haul.

Choosing a Niche with Popularity

To choose a niche that you’re passionate about isn’t enough. You need to also consider the popularity of that subject. If you’re passionate about it, but no one else is, you’re not going to see very many visitors. So make sure that there is interest when picking a niche market.

If you find niche markets that are popular, you may also want to research if it’s a growing or diminishing. Something may be popular now, but if it’s a dying market, you may want to avoid it.

Google Trends is a great tool to discover what niches are growing or not. Simply go there and type in your topic to see if it’s a growing market or not.

How Broad Should the Niche Be?

This is a tricky one. You want to make sure that your topic is broad enough to have plenty to write about. You don’t want to be five articles into your website and have nothing left to talk about.

You also don’t want it to be so broad that there is confusion on what your site’s focus is. Additionally, the tighter your niche is, the more likely search engines (and visitors) are to recognize you as the authority on the subject.

When putting together your lists of ideas, remove anything that you think might be too broad or too narrow of a niche.

Select Niche Market Ideas Based on Competition

Another thing to consider is the competition. Just because something is extremely popular, doesn’t mean it’s necesarily the right one to go with. When choosing a niche, consider that something that’s hugely popular may also be to competitive to have a chance of success.

It’s important that you balance the competition with popularity. Remove anything that you feel might be too competitive.

Niche Market Ideas With Profitability

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when choosing a niche. Another consideration should be profitability. Does your niche have the potential to make money? Here are a few popular ways to make money on websites or blogs. Does your idea fit into one of these? More important, is there a strong market for it?

  • Sell Products
  • Sell Services
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Lead Generation
  • Off-site Income

These are just a few monetization methods, but it’s important that you have a way to make money. Here’s a good way to find out if a niche has the potential for income. Do a Google search for your topic and see if there are paid ads or not. You will typically find these on the top, bottom, or side of the search results. If there are no ads, then this is probably not a very profitable niche. If it were, other people would be advertising for it.

What’s Your Favorite Niche Left?

By now, you should be narrowed down to a smaller list. In fact, you may be down to your perfect niche already. But if not, take a look at what’s left and decide what you’re most passionate about. At this point, passion  and interest should be what drives your final decision.

Congratulations on choosing a niche that’s perfect for you!

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