Are 1.99 Domains What They Seem?

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Find out the truth about $1.99 domains and how they affect you and the domain registrant. They can be a positive thing for both sides, but know the details.

1.99 domain names

So you’re curious about $1.99 domains and if they’re for real or not? Well, to answer the question right off the bat, $1.99 domains are for real. But you should understand how a $1.99 domain registration is actually possible. Domain names aren’t very profitable, but they’re the glue to other products.

$1.99 Domains Are a Loss to Registrants, Or Are They?

Alright, we’re not in business to lose money. And I can guarantee that you’ll never find a company out there that is in the business of losing money. So why on Earth would a company sell you a $1.99 domain name if it means they will take a loss on it? That’s insane, right? Well, not really. You see, even though the domain company loses money on selling you a domain for $1.99, they can still make up for it in a couple of ways.

Package Deals with $1.99 Domains

Quite often, you get this price by purchasing another product. Usually it comes as a deal with a hosting package, but it may be packaged in other ways from time to time. The profits from the hosting package make up for the loss for the domain name, keeping the company above water in the end. Typically, $1.99 domain registrations require at least a one year commitment on hosting.

Registration Renewals

Sometimes you can get a domain for $1.99 without having to commit to anything else at all. However, you only get $1.99 domains for the first year. After that, they renew at the normal prices. If you end up being a long term customer, this can be well worth the business relationship.

Are Domains for $1.99 Worth It?

Absolutely! If you’re going to want a domain name, you might as well take advantage of the lower price. If it’s for a package deal, you’re going to need the hosting anyways. If it’s only for a first year, then why not get a break on the price for that first year.

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